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Jun 12 2019

Child Murder: Things are slowly getting normal in Tappal



District administration extended the ban on Internet services in Khyam tehsil one day on Tuesday. Thapal town is now gradually becoming normal. District Magistrate Chandra Bhushan Singh said that the ban imposed on Internet services in the town has been extended to one day. Restrictions on the prohibition of the abuse of social media were imposed on Monday.



After two-and-a-half-year-old girl's brutal murder, no anti-social elements were able to post false or provocative posts, for this purpose internet services were banned. Singh said in a statement issued Tuesday that the situation is peaceful in the tappal. Precautionary security arrangements have been kept. Meanwhile senior Superintendent of Police Akash Kulharani told reporters that cases have been registered against 11 people in the Civil Lines Police Station under IT law for spreading false and provocative news during the last two days.



The police had to make a lot of efforts to control the situation on Sundays. Demonstrators were demanding from the administration to get immediate justice in case of the murder of two and a half year old girl. Police control some of the demonstration performed by right-wing groups. These people wanted to make a mahapanchayat in Tappal It is said that the information of the Mahapanchayat was given by a Hindu group to the social media. People from nearby districts were also trying to get involved in the Mahapanchayat, but the police stopped the demonstrators on the roads of Tappal town.



Kulhari has misinformed the news that the people in a community feeling insecure in the thump are fleeing. Kulhari said that some people can go temporarily, but they will return soon. The injunction is applicable in the paraphernalia. After the murder of a two and a half year old girl, some anti-social elements were spreading rumors by putting fake videos and comments on social media.

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