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Jan 13 2021

Tax Officials Detect Evasion Of ₹ 100 Crore After Raids On Assam Doctors

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

 The Income Tax Department has detected tax evasion of more than ₹ 100 crore after it raided some "renowned" doctors and medical professionals based in Assam, the CBDT said on Tuesday.The search and survey action was carried out on January 8 at 29 locations in the state's main city Guwahati and Nalbari and Dibrugarh and a cash amount of ₹ 7.54 crore was also seized from these searched premises.




This included ₹ 1.76 crore cash seized from the Nalbari town and the CBDT said the total "cash seized was found to be unexplained in the hands of various hospitals and medical professionals".It said the department found that turnovers of these medical facilities were "hugely suppressed".

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