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Feb 23 2021

WhatsApp privacy policy: What happens to your account if you don’t accept it?

Tuesday, 23 February 2021

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy is going to come into effect on May 15. The Facebook-owned messaging platform was supposed to roll it out on January 8 but decided to push it back after receiving serious flack globally.




Come May 15, you will be asked to accept the new privacy policy. But what happens if you don’t do it? WhatsApp has explained in details what’s going to happen if you don’t accept it and has also given users options.

If you don’t accept the new privacy policy by May 15, WhatsApp is not going to delete your account. However, you will not be able to utilise the app fully as certain functionalities will be taken away if you do not accept the new policy. For a short time you will be able to receive calls and notifications on the app, but you will not be able to read or send messages.

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