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Nov 20 2019

Swedish Prosecutor Drops Julian Assange Rape Probe Due To Lack Of Strong Evidence



The investigation into the alleged rape case against Stockholm WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been halted. Assange is currently in a UK jail. Let me tell you, a Swedish woman alleged that she and Assange met in 2010 during a Wikilix conference in Stockholm. The woman alleged that Assange had unprotected sex with her while she was sleeping. The woman had claimed that several times earlier she had refused to have Assange's unprotected sex. Assange had denied all these allegations of the woman.


Swedish Prosecutor Eva Marie Parson gave Tuesday about the stoppage of the investigation. However, the prosecutor also said that they found the claims to be 'credible'. Eva said, 'My assessment is that all the steps that could have been taken for the investigation were taken. But ... the evidence is not strong enough to blame. '




Eva Marie Person said, 'I would like to emphasize that the information related to the incident is reliable. The victim's statement is clear, long and detailed '. 'But overall my assessment is that the evidence is weakened in such a way that there is no reason to carry forward the investigation anymore'.





UN expert noted that Assange was evicted from the building of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he had been living since 2012, two months ago. Soon after, he was arrested by the London Police. In 2012, Assange is serving a 50-week sentence for violating bail. Assange is also fighting against extraditing America. The US has accused him of making confidential documents public.

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