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Sep 23 2020

Analytical coach Chris Ciriello latest Indian hockey team staff to exit

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

The Indian men’s hockey team suffered a fresh blow with its versatile Australian analytical coach Chris Ciriello resigning due to a medical condition. The 34-year-old former World Cup-winner reportedly contracted a virus before leaving for home on a break in June that aggravated his existing skin condition, Psoriasis.“Earlier there were only a few spots. Now I have to go for UV light treatment thrice a week. If I went back to India I will have to get out of the sports complex,” the 2014 World Cup winner said from Perth on Tuesday.






The Indian hockey squad is based at Sports Authority of India’s (SAI) Bengaluru campus. The players and staff have been instructed not to leave the campus due to the pandemic. “I was told there was a time I have to be back by. My condition is getting better. Doctors said it could take six to eight weeks to recover, but weren’t sure. They (the team) need someone there now and I can’t be there.”

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