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Feb 09 2019

Strictness in the UP Board Examination, in Jaunpur, the copying mafia did so much.



The examination of Uttar Pradesh Board has started from February 7. This time, strict arrangements have been made to make the examination copyless, but where the copy mafia is supposed to be accepted. While defining the proverb of 'You put me, I am Patthal', a case of stealing question papers kept in the Strong Room from Jaunpur district of UP has surfaced.




On Thursday night, two youths reached Mirja Anwar Beg Inter College, Ushata, in the Shahganj area of ​​the district. He cut the lock of the door for theft of question papers held in the Principal's office. After this, locking the lock of the cupboard in the inside started. Meanwhile, hearing the sound of the cupboard, the peon Rashid saw the noise started.




After the peon made noise, both the wall ran away; They both escaped leaving their bike in haste. The information reached the notice to the police on the information received by the Principal. The police reached the spot and examined the spot and took possession of the bike and was involved in the investigation.




Please inform that the Principal of the school, Shahanshah Alam, was informed about the security of the question papers after giving information to the Kotwali police. But the local administration did not take it seriously.

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