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Jan 24 2021

Angira Dhar on writing a horror film: It's a tough genre to crack

Sunday, 24 January 2021

“My schedule began in Mumbai on January 18,” starts off May Day actor Angira Dhar about her newest outing—the Ajay Devgn directorial that also features Devgn in the lead role along with Amitabh Bachchan. Hoping to bring authenticity to her lawyer act the actor conducted rigorous research. “I have been reading up on the terminology and consulting lawyers. I have been watching legal dramas—Primal Fear, Philadelphia, Shahid, Judge—from across the globe,” says the actor, adding “I want to get the body language and gait perfect”.






While the pandemic brought its share of havoc in people’s life, for Dhar it reignited her passion for writing. Developing her maiden script—a horror film with a social context, she says, “Before becoming an actor, I was actively into production.” Inspired by Korean and English horror films, the actor believes the genre is not only about delivering chills. “It needs to offer an immersive experience for the audience to feel for the characters. It’s a tough genre to crack because the Indian audience has different expectations of a horror film. I want to bring in my sensibilities and cater to what the audience expects. I  also wish to direct it some day.”

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