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Admin Reporter- Yugal

Jun 12 2019

Tihar will have three jails transformed into multi-storey building, PWD released tender



Three Tihar Jails will soon be converted into Multistory Building. The damaged buildings of these jails will be demolished and created through new technology.Among them, there will be adequate security for the inmates besides security.




The creation of new prisons will also be possible to keep a large number of inmates. PWD has issued a tender for breaking the 3 jails which have been out of 9 out of 9 built in the Tihar premises, which will be used soon. 


In order to give them a modern look, the design of the prisons of country and abroad is also being studied. The building of Tihar-based jail number 1, 2 and 3 is nearly 40 years old. There is also the risk of falling. 


At the same time, all three are a floor, which facilitates a small number of inmates.The buildings of the old three will be rebuilt and will be rebuilt.




The buildings of the three jails will be multi-storey, in which not only will it be possible to keep more prisoners but also, more secure arrangements will be made in terms of security. For this, foreign prisons including some prisons of the country are also being studied. 


The jail administration is trying to revive these prisons so that in addition to better infrastructure for the inmates, the capacity will also increase. 


Prisoners will get more basic facilities and security will also be strengthened. The jail administration is trying to make buildings of three prisons very soon. 
-Ajay Kashyap, Director General of Jail 


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