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Apr 08 2021

Hyderabad: 1,900 new cases, highest in six months

Thursday, 8 April 2021

The number of active cases in the state rose to 11,617 on Wednesday, with 1,914 new cases recorded in a single day. This is the largest count of new cases in a single day after six months.

Previously, 1,900 cases were recorded on October 7 last year. Experts hint at the possibility of a further surge. The state recorded five deaths in the last 24 hours, bringing the death toll so far to 1,734.





Within a matter of a week, the recovery rate dropped to 95.78% on Wednesday from 97.66% on April 1. While this is indicative of more number of patients under treatment either at home or in hospitals, the increase in morbidity is likely to hit many families.

“In the first wave, we have already seen many middle class families come down to the below poverty line category just due to hospital bills. Now with the current wave, the spread is likely to be more. As a result there will be more hospitalizations and this will impact many households,” said a senior health official from the state.

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