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Admin Reporter- Yugal

Nov 08 2019

Political crisis of Maharashtra: voices raised in favor of Shiv Sena from inside Congress-NCP, will support?



With the ongoing confrontation between BJP-Shiv Sena for the post of Chief Minister, voices are now being raised from within Congress and NCP to support Shiv Sena. Senior NCP leader Chhagan Bhujbal said that Shiv Sena should claim for the post of Chief Minister. If she (Shiv Sena) asks for support, then Congress and NCP will consider positively. At the same time, Congress General Secretary Sachin Sawant has said that Maharashtra has to be saved from the morally corrupt BJP.




With these statements of Congress and NCP leaders, where there is a feeling towards the Shiv Sena and fierce opposition to the BJP, is the Congress-NCP looking for excuses to support the Shiv Sena.




Bhujbal, who left the Shiv Sena in the 1990s, said, "I said a day after the election results came out that the Shiv Sena should decide whether it should be the Chief Minister's post or the Deputy Chief Minister's… He should show courage and claim the Chief Minister's post…. If she will send any proposal (seeking support), then the Congress-NCP will definitely consider it positively.




At the same time, Congress General Secretary Sachin Sawant tweeted, "Shiv Sena is an alliance partner of BJP and part of Mahayuti. If he fears that BJP will buy his MLAs, then we can understand very well how morally corrupt BJP is and why we should protect Maharashtra from them. ”




Sawant tweeted, "Does Mahayuti now have the moral right to form the government?" He was referring to the Shiv Sena's decision to house its MLAs at the Rangsharda Hotel in Bandra Upganar amid political uncertainty.




Congress shines BJP


Taking a dig at the BJP, Congress national spokesperson Sanjay Jha said that resorts in places near Mumbai such as Khandala, Alibaug, Matheran and Mud Island could be booked soon.




Some MLAs were lured


Without naming the BJP, NCP's Maharashtra unit chief Jayant Patil also claimed that some MLAs have been lured. Patil said, some MLAs have now been lured, but if someone goes to the BJP camp then other parties will unite and defeat them in the by-elections. However, he said that NCP MLAs have not been lured.

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