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Admin Reporter- Ajay

May 29 2020

Did Alia demand from Nawazuddin Siddiqui for 30 crore alimony and 4 BHK flat?



Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui has been in the headlines for his personal life for some time. Actually, Nawaz's wife Alia Siddiqui has decided to get divorced, accusing him of many serious allegations. Alia alleges that Nawaz does not make time for his children and wife and often insults them. Alia has also demanded custody of the children and custody of the children along with the divorce.


A copy of the legal notice sent to Nawaz has come out, where Alaabik Alia has asked for thirty crores and a 4 BHK flat in Yari Road. Alia has demanded a fixed deposit of Rs 10 crore for herself as Permanent Alimony and Rs 10 crore for the security of both the children. Also demanded 4 BHK flat in Yari Road.



Alia said - This is the matter between me and Nawaz, however, when we wanted to talk to Alia and her lawyer on this, she refused to comment. Alia cut the phone saying, 'This is my personal matter. I have spoken to the media on the issue where I had a problem. I do not want to talk about it. Whatever is being told is wrong. This is a matter between me and Nawaz. At the same time, no official statement of Nawazuddin has been found on this.


Later, Alia also made two tweets, in which she described the legal notice surfaced as fabricated. He feared that this could be an exercise to save someone from slander.



The lawyer gave the reference to privacy

On the other hand, when we spoke to Alia's lawyer, he said, "This is a matter of personal relationship between Alia and Nawaz, we have already told that a legal notice has been sent." Further things are subject to court action and confidentiality of the case, so I cannot say anything about this, nor would it be legally right to say anything on this. I cannot say anything about what the demand is in the legal notice. I cannot even confirm the veracity of any documents that you have got.



Waiting for nawaz's answer

A notice has been sent by Alia and her lawyer. Due to the post office and transportation in Kovid-19, the lawyer has sent notice to Nawaz on WhatsApp and official ID, but Nawaz has not talked about it in any way so far. When we asked Alia's lawyer, he said, I do not even know the name of Nawaz's lawyer. We have not received any response from neither Nawaz nor his lawyer. We sent notice to him on 7 May, his reply was to come by 22 May. A notice has been sent by Aaliya on WhatsApp, but the response has not been received.

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