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Jun 12 2019

Manoj Tiwari says, Delhi government returns to public 7 thousand crore



The BJP has made serious allegations against Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on the condition of water board. Speaking to reporters in the state office, Chairman Manoj Tiwari said that the water board is continuously losing deficit in monitoring of CM.




Before the summer starts, the government has to make a summer plan, but this plan of this government does not show up on the ground. Electricity is being cut at midnight. People are not getting water every day. 


In the name of the fixed charge, the government has collected 7 thousand crore rupees together with private power companies so far. This amount should be returned to the public immediately. 


Tewari said that after taking charge of CM Kejriwal, the water board in the benefit has reached tremendous losses. Delhiites do not get water in the hot summer.Where the water is coming, the pipes are dirty and stinking due to the sewer.Kejriwal's government, which claims to eliminate the Tanker Mafia at the time of election, is promoting tanker mafia. 


He said that as soon as the BJP government is formed in Delhi, every household will be allowed to drink clean drinking water. The BJP will also get ownership of people living in unauthorized colonies. Tiwari said that 1125 MGD of water is needed daily in Delhi, but supply is only 895 MGD. About 37 lakh people in Delhi are not getting water every day. 


Kejriwal is directly responsible for this. Meanwhile, Media Incharge Pratyak Kanth, co-star Nilakanta Bakshi and Media Chief Ashok Goel Deora were present.


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