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Apr 07 2021

Lucknow University tightens COVID-19 restrictions

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

The University of Lucknow has issued directives to tighten the COVID-19 restrictions.

Nalini Pandey, Chief Provost of the University said in a letter on Tuesday, "Due to a sharp surge in Coronavirus cases in the city, as a precautionary measure the hostel students are requested to stay back at home and not return to the hostel till offline classes resume."





"The students residing in the hostel are requested to either go back to their home and if they choose to remain in the hostel they shall not be allowed to leave the hostel premises for any reason besides in case of emergency and after seeking permission from their respective hostel provost," the letter added.

In view of rising Covid-19 cases, the state government on Tuesday restricted more than 100 people at any gathering or public place in an enclosed area until further orders.

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