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Feb 13 2020

Japan: Two Indian crew members on cruise infected with Corona virus, sought help by releasing video



Two of the Indian members of the crew on board the cruise ship Diamond Princess, off the coast of  Japan , have been found infected with the corona virus. The Indian Embassy in Japan shared this information. Japanese officials have confirmed that 174 people aboard the ship are infected with the Corona virus, including two Indian nationals. There are 3,711 people on the cruise.


In fact, Japan has stopped the cruise on the coast after the confirmation of a passenger landing in Hong Kong with the corona virus. After investigation there, two Indians whose samples were found positive have also found samples positive. At the same time, these two Indian citizens have requested for help by releasing videos. By releasing the video, Indian crew members have requested the Indian government to leave them from that cruise ship.


Actually, one of these two Indian citizens is Anbalagan, living in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. In its released video, it is shown that they are kept in the rooms while the rest of the passengers are on the top deck of the ship. From where food is also being transported to the rooms. There is also a ban on the movement of passengers, where they have been asked to maintain a distance of about six feet. Apart from Unbalgan, L and Indian He Binay Kumar Sarkar are also seen in the video. Which are saying in the video that "Here are some rules and rules which are required to be followed and if not done then our job will also be lost. But what should we do if we follow such rules even when we don't even know that We will also be able to survive or not. "


Anbalgan is further seen saying that "earlier they were told that no corona virus infected person is present on the ship. But now about 10 people have been found infected on this ship. We all share the same plate in the crew mess. Let's live together, in such a situation, we got infected, now we are not even being removed from here.


Ambalagan is talking in Tamil in this video. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister EPS and DMK chief MK Stalin as well as superstars Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Vijay and Ajit Kumar have also asked for help and talk on the issue.


Binay Kumar has also appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to remove the Indian crew members on the Diamond Princess ship at the earliest. Binay Kumar further said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been my source of inspiration and in the same way as the commander was brought from Pakistan, we also hope that we too should be evacuated from here at the earliest.

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