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Feb 23 2021

Bengaluru: Doctors say cold, cough on the rise, warn of second wave

Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Cases of flu, common cold and cough are on the rise in Bengaluru and while doctors attribute it to sudden showers and a dip in temperature, they do not rule out the possibility of Covid-19 infection.





Flu clinics in private hospitals, that were empty for the past couple of months, are seeing a spike in patients with typical Covid symptoms. Doctors say if the fever persists for more than three days and is accompanied by body pain, people must get a Covid test done. They say it is important to consult a doctor rather than resort to self-medication.

Dr Ramana Rao, a physician, said there has been a 10% rise in fever cases. “This is over the past week. These are not Covid cases, but it’s a warning to be additionally careful. Two out of 30 fever cases I saw tested positive for Covid,” Dr Rao said.





Some doctors say it could be a sign of a second Covid-19 wave. Dr Rao said the scenario was similar in February 2020. “Since most healthcare workers have been vaccinated, hospitals should be able to manage a second wave better,” he said.

Vikram Hospital has reopened its flu clinic which was shut for the past month. “We see 10-12 cases of fever, cold and cough daily,” said Dr Pramod V Satya, consultant, internal medicine, Vikram Hospital. “A change in weather can lead to allergies presenting with cough, cold, but fever suggests an infection. These are typical influenzalike-illnesses (ILI), but the time of taking the Covid test also matters.”

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