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Apr 09 2019

Two Arrested For Posting Wrong Info On SC Website Of Anil Ambani Case



Two former employees of the court which manipulated the order of the Supreme Court have been arrested by the Crime Branch. Both had made changes to an order related to Anil Ambani . At the moment, both have been sent to the police remand of seven days. Businessman Anil Ambani was ordered to appear in the Supreme Court, but these two employees removed the word 'not' when writing the order. After this the order was uploaded on the Supreme Court website. When this matter came to light, the Supreme Court ordered an inquiry, in which the role of two employees came out. Both of them were dismissed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi on 13th February.






According to the information, on March 1, the Delhi Police filed a case on the complaint of the Additional Registrar of the Supreme Court. The investigation of this case was handed over to the crime branch. He arrested the accused employee's former Assistant Registrar Man Sharma and Tapan Kumar Chakraborty on Sunday. At present, the two employees are being questioned whether they manipulated the order of the Supreme Court order. The Crime Branch will also try to find out who is involved in a seven-day remand. There was no transaction in place of this. Both employees were found guilty in the Internal Investigation of the Supreme Court.






Manmad Sharma and Tapan Kumar Chakraborty, who was the 'Not Assistant Registrar ', were the court master on drawing attention to the mistake . All the decisions given in their open court or judges chambers were important in writing. Ericsson India had reached court against Anil Ambani Group chairman Anil Ambani and others for 550 crore dues. Justice RF Nariman and Justice Vineet Sharan had ordered Anil Ambani to be personally present during the court hearing. On 7th January the upload order on the court's website said, "The private presence of the alleged contempt has been rejected." Ericsson's lawyers on January 10 brought the attention of the Supreme Court to the defaults in order, then revised it and added the word 'not'.

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