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Feb 23 2021

Maria Sharapova takes time out to 'explore' other passions

Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Russian tennis beauty Maria Sharapova ensures she made time to pursue her passions despite having a busy schedule.  Sharapova feels it is very important to have a sense of balance in one’s life. 




“Always made sure I took time to explore other passions. As I’ve mentioned before, to me, life is about balance, and it’s something I’ve tried to prioritise more than anything. While tennis often consumed nearly every minute of every day, I always made sure I took the time to explore other passions that excited me in order to give myself a mental break, but also to maintain that sense of balance outside of my sport,” she was quoted as saying by 

Talking about her passions, the former World No. 1 said: “I have so many other passions, whether that’s travel, art, design, or business. Giving myself t

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