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Feb 14 2020

20-year-old photo of Priyanka Chopra in cashew-katli, fish dress and share



Priyanka Chopra Share Old Photo On Valentines Day: Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has won on her own terms. Not only in Hindi cinema, this desi girl made many films in Hollywood, and proved that she is not less than anyone. Priyanka was trolled many times due to her dress. It may be a case of meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Be the white dress of the Golden Globe Awards. Or a yellow and brown print frock dress worn in Miami. Recently, Priyanka has shared a photo on social media. This photo is from 20 years ago. When she became Miss World. Sharing this picture, the actress wrote - If the girls get a chance, they dare to bring change.




Let me tell you, Priyanka Chopra's mother Madhu Chopra, who came to the discussion due to her dress at the Grammy Awards, recently said that - Priyanka's body is very beautiful, what about trollers, they come from anywhere and computers Writes anything hiding behind




Apart from this, Priyanka's mother also said that I am happy that Priyanka did this. She has become stronger by this. She lives on her own terms. They do not hurt anyone. He has a body and he is very beautiful. Priyanka showed me a sample of the dress. I thought it would be risky to wear it. But see, her dress awards were the best in the show.


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