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Feb 14 2020

Announcements made on the martyrdom of Pulwama martyr Tilak Raj were not complete, anger among family members



In the terrorist attack on the 14th of the month of February 2019, 40 soldiers including Tilak Raj of village Dhewa Jandroh of Jawali assembly constituency of Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh of CRPF were killed. But the state government has not been able to fulfill the promises made on the martyrdom of martyr Tilak Raj even after one year. Due to this, the martyr's family has a deep anger towards the government.




Tilak Raj was martyred in the Pulwama attack on February 14 last year. At the funeral of the martyr, the Chief Minister had announced announcements to pave the road to the crematorium of the village, install the statue of the martyr, and assured to complete it within six months.




Family and villagers say that if the state government completes the declaration, it will be a true tribute to the martyr. Martyr Tilak Raj's wife Savitri Devi said with moist eyes that she was proud of her husband's martyrdom. Our family will protect the country in the future also.




She said that her husband was engaged in protecting the country. While on holiday, he used to spread the culture of Kangra by being busy shooting hill songs. Himachal had lost not only a brave soldier but also a better folk singer and kabaddi player in the Pulwama terror attack. Tilak Raj was also a folk singer who sacrificed his life on the country.

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