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Dec 08 2019

RSS Chief Bhagwat Should Not Be The Part Of Ram Temple Trust: VHP



The Vishwa Hindu Parishad has made a big statement on the demands made to build the Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat , the president of the trust that is going to build the Ram temple in Nagpur Ayodhya . Sangh pracharak and presently VHP national vice-president Champat Rai rejected such demands and said that the trust should not have Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat. However, he did not give any reason for this to the journalists.



Later a national officer of VHP said, 'The top officials of the Sangh do not believe in being part of any trust themselves. There is no such tradition in the Sangh. Even if someone puts forward a proposal in front of the Sangh chief, he will refuse it.



Let us know that in the past, Mahant Paramhans Maharaj had demanded to make Mohan Bhagwat, the head of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, the chairman of the trust to be built for construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya. He had said that for this he (Mahant Paramahamsa) can also sit on hunger strike.



Meanwhile, when the VHP National Vice President visited Nagpur, the reporters raised questions related to it. In response to which he said that Ram temple trust to Sangh chief Mohan BhagwatShould not become the president of At the same time, an officer of VHP said, 'Sangh pracharaks or senior officials believe in advancing the work of the society only through the people of the society. He does not find it appropriate to take a position in the trust himself.

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