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Nov 21 2020

Yashpal Sharma Recalls The Time When He Used To Earn Rs 18 A Day

Saturday, 21 November 2020

Actor Yashpal Sharma has recalled the time when he used to earn just Rs 18 per day. Sharma, who has made his mark over the years with performances in films such as "Lagaan", "Gangaajal", "Ab Tak Chhappan" and "Apaharan", recalled his days in Hisar in the nineties, when he used to work as a typist.





"My wages were a meagre Rs 18 per day. One day a contractor gave me Rs 300. I was stunned to see the offer as Rs 300 was a huge amount back then. I refused to accept it, but he insisted me to keep the money. When I narrated this incident to my elder brother and father, they started laughing.

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