Admin Reporter- Ajay

Feb 13 2020

GATE Answer Key 2020: GATE exam answer key will be released on this day, IIT Delhi confirms



GATE 2020 Answer Key : Answer date and time for IIT GATE Exam Answer has been announced. IIT Delhi has issued a notice taking this ( GATE Answer Key 2020 ). Accordingly, the answer for the GATE exam will be released on February 19 at 11 am.



Applicants will also get a chance to register their objection to the answer of the exam. Applicants can file an objection to the answer by 6 pm on 21 February. Applicants will have to pay Rs 500 per objection. The objection will be considered only when the payment is made successfully. Along with the objection, the applicants will also have to provide proof.


While registering an objection to the answer, the applicants have to take care that they should register the objection according to the question number entered in the answer key. Keep in mind that the question number of the question on which you are filing objection is correct. If the number in question is not correct, then objection will not be considered. If you are attaching a document with objection, then you will also have to provide the section name and the number of the question in the document. If any of these details are mismatched then your objection will be rejected.



The decision of the Gate 2020 Committee on the objections lodged on the answer will be final. There will be no further communication on this.

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