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Apr 08 2021

Indian men's hockey team plays out 4-4 draw against Argentina in practice match

Thursday, 8 April 2021

Olympic champions Argentina quelled India's chances of a second consecutive victory as they made a strong comeback for a 4-4 draw in a tense practice match here on Wednesday.




It was Varun Kumar (7th and 44th), Rajkumar Pal (13th), Rupinder Pal Singh (14th) who scored for India while Leandro Tolini (10th), Lucas Toscani (23rd), Ignacio Ortiz (42nd) and Lucas (57th) found the target for the home team.

India had won the first practice match 4-3.

India made a fine start with a well-structured attack that fetched them three goals in the first quarter.




The first goal was courtesy forward Mandeep Singh who helped India earn a penalty corner in the seventh minute which was effortlessly converted by dragflicker Varun Kumar.

Though an early 1-0 lead put the home side on the backfoot, they bounced back in the 10th minute when they earned a PC.

Leandro Tolini, who scored twice in the previous match, came up with a well-executed dragflick to equalise.

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