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Jun 12 2019

Sanjay Leela Bhansali's next to tackle discrimination due to colour

Jun 12, 2019,

Years after photo- project #Unfairandlovely — aimed at combating discrimination due to one’s colour — gathered the attention of netizens, Sanjay Leela Bhansali is apparently ready to tackle the subject in cinema. stating that the final draft of an upcoming project is already under works, a source close to the filmmaker-producer tells mid-day, "Bhansali is keen to launch a fresh face with the film to make it more relatable. He is in talks with a few directors, but hasn't zeroed in on one yet."



Mirroring the sentiment that led to the creation of the movement by then 21- year old Pax Jones, a student at the University of Texas, this film too will chronicle the story of a woman who is meted out a raw deal owing to her skin colour. "The protagonist, an ambitious achiever, is still able to hold her own and victoriously beat all odds. It is a slice- of life film which subtly takes on the beauty industry that encourages consumers to believe that a lighter skin tone implies better prospects at bagging a job or even a spouse." The film, we’re told, isn’t a biography on Jones.

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