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Apr 07 2021

CGD recommends Indian digital vaccination certificate solution architecture for US

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Researchers at the Center for Global Development have quoted the Indian digital vaccination certificate solution architecture for the US which is still relying on handwritten paper cards as it makes a case for digitising vaccination certificates globally.





In a post on April 5, Senior fellow Alan Glib and Anit Mukherjee wrote that over half a billion people have now received at least the first dose and as economies start opening up, the “Covid Vaccine Certificate” (CVC) is increasingly becoming a ticket to return to normality, lifting restrictions on work, travel and leisure.





Despite leading the world in the number of vaccinations (one in four vaccinated people are in the US), the US does not issue a digital certificate. However, for nearly 60 million people in India, it is easy to verify their vaccination status simply by scanning a QR code either on their smartphones or in a paper copy downloaded from the national vaccination portal.

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