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Jun 11 2019

The name of the daughter of India's Chris Hemsworth, the actor of Avengers Endgame told that the story behind it



Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth, who has given his daughter the name of India as well as in his heart, has given this country a special place. He says that his experience of shooting in India was "scary but funny." He told that during the shoot, he felt like a rockstar.




Hemsworth had come to India for the shooting of his Netflix project 'Dhaka' last year. This project was shot in Ahmedabad and Mumbai.




Hemsworth revealed during the interview that why he named his daughter India as India.




Here, in a collective interview during the promotion of the Sony Pictures project 'Main in Black: International', Hemsworth said, "My wife (Elsa Pataki) has spent a lot of time in India and was the main reason for keeping India's name."




In addition to Betty India Rose, Hemsworth and Patki's twin sons Sasha and Tristan are also there.



Thor said about his attachment to this country, "I liked the people here and this place. Thousands of people used to stand on the road every day during shooting, I had never had such an experience on the set before. . Due to the presence of so many people, this experience was terrifying and exciting too. "




The actor further said, "After every cut of the director, the fans used to cheer loudly at the stadium, which gave us a feeling of rockstar. The warmth that we got the support was really good. People were very positive. "




When asked about working in Indian cinema, Hemsworth said, "There was something going on in my mind, maybe it might be ..."




At the same time, he is very excited about working in the 'Main In Black' next franchise 'Main in Black: International'. Sony Pictures will release this film in India on June 14 in Hindi, English, Tamil and Telugu.


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