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Apr 08 2021

Delhi night curfew: Shops being closed at 8 pm, employees fear job loss.

Thursday, 8 April 2021

With the first night curfew of the year being imposed in the national capital, the shops at various places here are being closed at 8 p.m. while the workers are fearing job loss.



Amid the Covid resurgence across the country, night curfew has been imposed in Delhi from Tuesday till April 30 where everything will be closed from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.



Ramesh Sharma, manager of food outlet brand Haldiram, told IANS: "On the first day of night curfew, I couldn't leave my workplace on time. Delhi Police stopped me at Chandni Chowk and asked me to reach home on time from the next time."



"We close our shop at 9 p.m. so that the staff reaches home on time. Till now, none of our staff has asked for early closure as they all reside nearby," he added.



Sunil Dutt, manager of Snow White, a shop in Connaught Place, said: "90 workers work here and considering their convenience we are closing our shop by 8 p.m., however, the Delhi Metro should also close the entry by 9 p.m. instead of 10 p.m. so that people can reach their homes on time."



A lot of people have even asked their employers to leave workplace by 7.30 p.m.

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