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Apr 08 2021

Dev Joshi to play negative character in new season of Baalveer Returns

Thursday, 8 April 2021

Baalveer Returns is all set to dive into a thrilling new chapter with exciting twists and turns, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. For the very first time, Dev Joshi will be seen playing a ruthless antagonist ‘Kaal’. Yes, adored by the fans as Baalveer, Dev Joshi in this exciting new chapter of the show will be seen playing a negative character. The new chapter of Baalveer Returns witnesses several pulsating developments where fan-favourite Dev Joshi will be seen donning two starkly different looks, innocent yet cherry protagonist – Hari Shankar Pandey, aka ‘Happy Pandey’. The fans must brace themselves to witness Happy Pandey's rise as the guardian of the human race and the chilling rise of Kaal, bringing destruction and pain to humanity.



Riding on the belief that every person has seven look-alikes across the universe, with Baalveer's death, his power gets divided among the six remaining. Baalveer's power also gives rise to the universe's darkest entity - Kaal, who had been kept frozen for decades. Kaal's uprising throws light on his burning hunger for power. He aims to possess all the bits of power divided among different people by putting an end to their lives and emerging as the ultimate bearer of Baalveer's powers. 





The new storyline also witnesses the sparkling entry of Shweta Gautam as Radha Pandey - Happy's mother, Mihir Rajda as Happy's brother – Jolly Pandey, Dimple Kawa as Monica Pandey, along with Krish Yadav and Aayat as kids Puki and Kuki.

Get ready to up the ante with double the dose of entertainment and nail-biting twists with the battle between Good and Evil getting fiercer. It will be interesting to watch who wins the battle while saving the world and gets the ultimate power.

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