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Feb 23 2021

Covid vaccination: People over 60 likely to be allowed to self-register

Tuesday, 23 February 2021

People aged above 60 and those with comorbidities will be allowed to self-register and choose where they can be vaccinated for Covid-19 from March 1, an official familiar with the matter said as the government is working to speed up the second phase of the vaccination process.

The upgraded mobile application designed for the vaccination drive will also allow the users, who are travelling, to pick a different centre if needed for the second dose.




HT on Monday reported that the government is planning to take the rate of coronavirus vaccinations to 5 million a day in the next four to six weeks. This could include doubling the number of daily vaccinations at a particular location to 200. The move is meant to speed up the process when the next and the largest cohort of recipients — members of the general public who are at greater risk due to their age and existing illnesses — begin to be covered.

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