Admin Reporter- Ajay

Nov 18 2019

Explosion in gas pipeline in Bangladesh, 7 killed



An explosion in a gas pipeline at a house in south-western Bangladesh on Sunday killed about 7 people and injured 8 others. police gave this information. A police officer told that the blast occurred on the ground floor of a 5-storey building at Pattharghat in Chattogram town.



It has been reported in the news that the explosion collapsed the outer wall of the building, injuring pedestrians passing through it. A shop located in front of the building has also been damaged.



According to police, it is not yet clear what was the reason behind this explosion. The building's gas riser is next to its boundary wall where the explosion occurred. The police officer has been quoted as saying that there may have been a problem with the gas riser (pipe) or whether the explosion was caused by morning cooking activities or cigarettes.

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