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Mar 02 2021

Iran warns of '4th wave' of coronavirus as death toll rise to 100 in 24 hrs

Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Iranian health authorities issued a warning over a 'fourth wave' of the COVID-19 epidemic, after registering more than 100 deaths in 24 hours for the first time since early January, state TV reported.

"The death of 108 patients of Covid-19 in the past 24 hours is sounding the alarm of the fourth wave of the disease," Sima Sadat Lari, spokeswoman for Iran's Ministry of Health and Medical Education, said at her daily briefing on Monday,  news agency reported.





The new daily figure takes the death toll of the epidemic to 60,181 in Iran.

Between Sunday and Monday, the ministry reported 8,510 new infections, Lari said, adding 812 of them need to be hospitalized.

The total number of Covid-19 cases registered in Iran stands at 1,639,679, according to the official data.

Moreover, 1,399,934 Covid-19 patients have recovered or been released from Iranian hospitals so far, though 3,727 remain in critical condition, said the spokeswoman.

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