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Nov 20 2020

How to make children understand finance in their own way

Friday, 20 November 2020

Every parent wants their child to succeed in life. The steppingstone for this success come from the learnings that the child gets from family, school, friends and surroundings. Purposely I left out Google, Alexa and Siri in the above list as children these days believe they have answers to all questions. When it comes to lessons on finance, parents are the best teachers to make children understand in their own way. Usually parents like to teach their children many things along with their academics like sports, music, art, etc. right from their early age. However, one critical learning that often takes backstage is the importance of money, savings and investing.




Our standard of living is improving every year and it will continue in future as well. Most of the children are likely to get things comfortably with less struggle compared to their parents. Therefore, you must take the initiative to explain simple lessons of finance to them at young age.

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