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Admin Reporter- Ajay

May 27 2020

Coronavirus Epidemic First Round Is Not Over Yet, World Health Organization Warns



As the number of infections continues to increase,


Ryan pointed to the growing cases of infection - South America, South Asia and other areas, saying that we are still in a phase where the disease is actually increasing. Let us know that a record number of new cases occurred in India for the seventh consecutive day. On Tuesday, 6,535 cases of infection were reported, taking the total number to 145,380. At the same time, a total of 4,167 people have also died.



Virus is spreading rapidly in populated areas

The virus has spread rapidly in the more populated areas of India, which shows how much of a challenge the government is facing to stop the spread of infection. Most cases in India have come from the western states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. Cases of infection have also increased in eastern states as migrant workers stranded in other parts of the country are returning there due to the lockdown. Despite this, India allowed to resume domestic commercial flight services on Monday after two months.



WHO warns Brazil, asks to increase investigation

Meanwhile, the WHO overpowered the hopes of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and others to reopen the economy. The WHO has warned that authorities should conduct adequate investigations to prevent the spread of the epidemic. Brazil has reported 3,75,000 infections, second only to 1.6 million cases in the US. In Brazil, 23,000 people died of Covid-19.



Do not think about the negative impact on the economy

Ryan said the excessive rate of infection in Brazil meant that he should adopt some measures to keep people indoors, even if it had a negative impact on the economy. He said that you should keep doing everything you can do. However, São Paulo Governor João Doría plans to relax restrictions from June 1. For foreigners coming from Brazil, the US travel ban, effective from Tuesday, was imposed two days ago. However, this does not apply to US citizens.

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