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Jan 12 2021

Trump sparks a crisis for his business empire just before returning to it

Tuesday, 12 January 2021

It’s right there in the first few pages of “Trump University Branding 101”: “The truth is, everything you say and do is important,” he wrote in the 2008 book’s foreword. “Actions matter.”




After egging on a mob that rioted inside the U.S. Capitol last week, the brand that’s at the heart of President Donald Trump’s career and fortune is in crisis. He is being shunned by some of the political donors who fuel him, the tech companies that amplify his voice, the banks handling his finances, the American golf industry that brings business to his clubs, and even the Canadian company behind his online stores.




It took all four years of Trump’s presidency for most of those corporate allies to turn on him. Now, they’re standing up to him when their pressure can’t change much about an administration that’s in its final days. But they do have the power to hurt his return to the business world.

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