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Feb 23 2021

Meghalaya CM lays foundation of bridge, school and mini stadium

Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on Monday laid the foundation for the construction of a bridge, a government higher secondary school and a mini stadium in North Garo Hills district.

The bridge would connect two crucial roads Songsak- Mendipathar and Rongrong-Resudekachang separated by the river Daming.

The chief minister said, "The completion of this project will greatly uplift the economy of the people living in this area and will also supplement the economy of the state in the form of royalty, taxes."





He said that the completion of the bridge will benefit a population of four thousand, mostly comprising of villagers who require the bridge for transportation of daily needs and many agricultural and horticultural products and will limit the travelling time and will ease the commute of villagers who use bamboo footbridges to cross to the opposite side.

The construction of the bridge will reduce the detouring for traffic between Songsak-Mendipathar and Rongrong- Resudekachang by about 19 km, a statement issued by the CMO said.

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