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Sep 21 2020

Now, parents to collect ‘homework’ from UP government school every week

Monday, 21 September 2020

The teachers of government-run primary and upper primary schools will invite educated family members of the students, whose parents have not been able to join WhatsApp study groups, to visit the school premises once a week and share with them the week-long study plan and homework for the benefit of the students. 




As part of the initiative, elder siblings, parents, aunts and even uncles who are educated and can help in the kid’s study would be invited and urged to come to school and meet the concerned teacher, informed state basic education department officials. Director General (school education) Vijay Kiran Anand has issued detailed instructions in this regard to all Basic Shiksha Adhikari’s (BSAs) through a missive dated September 17, officials said. 




The initiative is to be undertaken during the second phase of mission Prerna e-Pathshala that will start from September 21. Instructions have been issued to all block education officers for strict compliance, said BSA-Prayagraj Sanjay Kumar Kushwaha confirming the development. He said that this new exercise was especially for school kids who have not been able to access study materials being provided through WhatsApp groups on smartphones, online mediums and TV. 

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