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Sep 16 2020

Life is easier when knowledge is mixed with desire of 17-year-old: Sunil Chhetri

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

With 72 goals for India and getting younger with time, it fit that Sunil Chhetri, 36, would speak on Cristiano Ronaldo’s recent international century. In this exclusive interview to Hindustan Times, the India and Bengaluru FC captain also spoke on life in the lockdown, dealing with a bio-secure bubble, why India’s games against Bangladesh and Afghanistan still haunt him and more. Excerpts:





It’s been over six months since you last played a competitive game. Is this the longest break in your career?By far. We footballers, those who play for the country as well, keep whining about not getting enough rest but this time we got one. Not an ideal situation and I would never prefer such a long break.

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