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Apr 09 2019

Loksabha Election MP Ramkumar Sharma Left RLSP And Attacks On Upendra Kushwaha



In Bihar , the National Lok Samata Party ( RLSP ), the constituent of the Opposition's main coalition, has received another setback on Monday. In fact, the current MP Ramkumar Sharma has made his own separate party. At the same time, he has accused the party founder Upendra Kushwaha ignoring the committed workers in ticket distribution.






In the Lok Sabha, Chief Minister of Sitamarhi, MP and Chairman of the Parliamentary Board, announced the creation of a separate section in the press conference. He said, "I am going to write to the Election Commission to recognize RLSP (Ramkumar Sharma) as a separate group."






Ramkumar Sharma alleged that "Upendra Kushwaha made false allegations against Nitish Kumar ," Kushwaha decided to select candidates without having consulted me for all five seats allotted in the alliance. He is scared of his prospects on the current seat, he is contesting from Ujriarpur. " He said that the party founder misconstrued the use of indecent language against the Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

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