Admin Reporter- Ajay

Nov 20 2019

765 Arrested For Stonepelting In Kashmir After End Of 370



Central Government while answering a question during the Winter Session of Parliament on Tuesday said that a total of 765 people have been arrested after the special status of Article 370 in the Kashmir Valley is over. Union Minister of State for Home Kishan Reddy said in his reply that all these people have been arrested for being involved in the incidents of stone pelting and disturbing public peace in the Kashmir Valley.



The minister also said that since the end of Article 370 on August 5, the conditions in the Kashmir Valley have improved and incidents of stone pelting have reduced. In response to a question in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday, Minister G. Kishan Reddy said that since the end of Article 370 on 5 August 2019, a total of 190 cases involving stonewalling and law and order were registered till 15 November. The police arrested a total of 765 wanted in these cases. Earlier, from January 1, 2019 to August 4, 2019, 361 such cases were registered in Jammu and Kashmir .



The minister said that the government has taken various steps to normalize the situation in Jammu and Kashmir and to prevent incidents of stone pelting. The government has also succeeded in maintaining the conditions of the valley to a large extent. The Minister of State for Home also said that in order to keep the situation under control in Kashmir, they have identified and arrested the miscreants and many people have also been detained as a precautionary measure.

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