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Admin Reporter- POOJA1

Sep 23 2020

YouTube is going to use AI moderation to age-restrict way more videos than it already is

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

We told you yesterday about how YouTube was reverting to using human moderators after machine learning-driven algorithms were flagging and removing content incorrectly. According to YouTube, about 11 million videos were taken down between April and June this year and at least 320,000 were reinstated after appeals.However, YouTube might still be sticking to using AI-powered tech to catch more videos that may require age restrictions, reports The Verge. This means that more viewers will be asked to sign in to verify their age before watching and YouTube is not removing these videos directly as it was earlier.





YouTube is going to be using the same approach as it used during 2017 when machine learning was being used to catch violent extremism, severe content and hateful conduct. The same approach is going to be used to flag videos YouTube does not consider age-appropriate. So, be prepared to see more videos pop-up with age-restriction parameters in tow.

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