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Oct 17 2020

NEET results 2020: Bihar’s boy Prithvi cracks medical entrance exam to fill grandfather’s dream

Saturday, 17 October 2020

 Bihar’s boy Prithvi Raj Singh who secured AIR 35 in NEET exam, stood the lone medical aspirant from Bihar to figure in top 50 list this year. He has scored 99.996 percentile by obtaining 705 out of 720 marks.Singh, who hails from Punpun district, cracked medical entrance exam to fulfil his grandfather’s dream.





“My grandfather Raj Kumar Singh, a retired high school clerk, instilled the dream of becoming a doctor. In my childhood’s faint memory, I remember there was only one doctor in my village to treat all, and thus, medical facility was not easily accessible to all. From there only, I decided to become a doctor”, 18-year-old shared.

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