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Nov 18 2019

Protesters Shoot Arrows At Hong Kong Official's Feet

Hong Kong,18,November,2019


An arrow fired by a Hong Kong protestor hit a police officer's leg on Sunday. City police said that the center of the pro-democracy protesters is a university, where a fierce clash took place between the security forces and the protesters. Demonstration has been going on since June in the Global Economic Center, where people are expressing their anger against the independence ending under Chinese rule.



China has repeatedly warned that it will not tolerate protests and there are concerns that Beijing may send troops there to calm the disturbance. Chinese President Xi Jinping reacted sharply to the crisis this week, saying it posed a threat to 'one country, two systems'. After Hong Kong was handed over to China by China in 1997, governance is under the same pattern here.



At Hong Kong Polytechnic University on Sunday, hundreds of protesters pledged to protect it from police and continue the blockade in the nearby Cross Harbor Tunnel. This tunnel has been closed for several days. In the evening, the police tried to take over the footbridge above the tunnel, but in protest, a petrol bomb started attacking there, causing a lot of fire.



In the densely populated Kavloon district, a large number of protesters threw petrol bombs under the umbrella of the police in response to the police's tear gas and the violence continued till night. Earlier, the protesters foiled an attempt by police to enter Hong Kong Polytechnic University campus. Police have shared photographs showing that an arrow hit the police officer's leg. The police condemned the use of 'lethal weapons' and declared the premises as 'riotous'. Hong Kong faces up to ten years in prison for rioting. But the protesters were committed to turning the campus into a demonstration center.



It is still a leaderless movement. "We need a center to keep pace with our movement and rest at night so that we can fight again the next morning," said Kasone, a 23-year-old student at Polytechnic University. The protesters also pledged to create panic on Monday. This week there was chaos in the streets and protesters scattered a lot of garbage there.



The protesters carried out the 'Blossom Everywhere' campaign last week to block and sabotage following which a large part of the Hong Kong train network was closed and schools and malls were closed. The protesters launched a protest in protest against a bill to extradite China, which was later scrapped but also included a number of issues such as police atrocities.



Two people died this month due to the escalation of violence, while the financial center is in recession due to the turmoil. A poster released on social media called for the continuation of 'Don Action' on Monday as well. The poster says, "Get up early, directly target the regime and spoil the economy to create pressure".

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