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Apr 08 2021

Doctors are looking for ways to get info at their fingertips: Mohan P, CEO, Medexpert Software Solutions

Thursday, 8 April 2021

The pace of technology adoption in India coupled with technology convergence in healthcare is ensuing a huge transformation in the way healthcare is delivered in our country. As India gears up for more widespread adoption of connected devices and artificial intelligence (AI) on the Edge, this transformation is bound to accelerate further. The pandemic has also made the Government as well as the medical fraternity realize the importance of preparedness and the availability of necessary healthcare infrastructure to provide contactless patient care.





From a healthcare provider’s perspective, with more than 60 percent of India’s population having access to a smartphone, providing mHealth and Tele-Health services have become necessary. The need to deliver quality healthcare via multiple channels is driving increased technology adoption across the healthcare ecosystem. In the near future, IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) and mHealth will enable greater access to quality medical care across India, driven in part by the widespread availability of 4G (and soon 5G), enabling big data on cloud.

Another important factor is the greater level of awareness among citizens for practicing healthy lifestyles and improving their overall wellness quotient, which is compelling healthcare providers to strengthen their digital infrastructure.

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