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Apr 08 2021

Do Not Fear Exams, Value Free Time: PM Modi's Mantra To Students Ahead Of Board Exams

Thursday, 8 April 2021

Prime Minister Narendra Modi told students on Wednesday not to fear exams but to see them as a test to improve themselves and said social and family environment at times creates pressure around students that is not desirable. He also advised students to value free time as without it life will be like a "robot" and should leave tension outside the examination hall. He noted that the students may have lost a year of their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic but they have learnt lots of lessons and the true value of essential things.
Interacting with students virtually in his annual 'Parikasha Pe Charcha' programme, he said they sometimes become over conscious regarding exams and asked them to take them as a small destination in their long lives.

"The fear is mainly due to the atmosphere that has made examination be all and end all of life, which makes students over conscious. Life is very long and these are just a stage of life. Parents, teachers and peers should not put pressure on students. Exams should be treated as merely a good occasion to test oneself and not be turned into a question of life and death. Parents who are involved with their children know their strength and weaknesses. but they at times make children 'instruments' of fulfilling their dreams and goals. If external pressure is not created, then students will not feel the pressure of exams and their confidence will also grow," he said.





The interaction, which lasted for more than ninety minutes, saw students, teachers and parents seeking guidance on various issues of importance to them from the Prime Minister. While acknowledging that one cannot be good in everything, PM Modi also asked students to not run away from any subject even if they find it difficult and cited his own example of taking up more complex work in the morning when he feels fresh and leaving easier parts to late night.

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